Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Recap of My Big Year

On July 15, 2013, I began a challenge to give something away every day for one year and blog about it. At that time I didn’t know that it would be such a gigantic commitment.

There were many trying life events that happened during the year. I comtemplated quitting several times, but there was always someone who lifted me up. Tim said time and again, “You’ve had a lot of reasons to give up over the last year, but this isn’t one of them.” Some of the events were:
  • Several friends and close family members died.
  • Receiving cards, letters and “likes” on Facebook that encouraged me when I was ready to quit.
  • Professional endeavors didn’t work out.
  • Teaching online was much more time intensive than I expected.
  • A fun college roommate reunion where I wanted to spend every minute reminiscing and not writing a blog.
  • Feeling like I had given away everything that I could possibly think of, but still had to think of something else.
  • One time I went to bed early after a really disappointing day. Tim woke me up at 10:30 p.m. to say that he had written my blog for me. He wrote a story that he had heard me tell and wanted me to be sure he got the facts accurate.
  • Attending a convention that was so intense that I didn’t have the brain power to think about a gift or write about it.
  • Going on adventures where I didn’t have internet access.
In spite of the highs and lows, I learned so much about myself and other people. Below are some of the highlights.

Most blessings:
The Gift Goes to the Giver
Enriching Lives
Recognizing Warning Signs

Most fun:
Cause to Paws
An Encouraging Word
You Might have Moved Too Many Times If . . .
One White, One Black
Laughing at Yourself
From the Kitchen of . . .
Secret Santa
Try Nt Prncg Yr Vwls
Texts Gone Bad
Hugging Instructions Not Included

Most likes on Facebook:
A Fun Contraption
Surprise Change
Family Giving
Human Goodness Wins
Speedy, the Not So Speedy Dog
A Gift of Sharing

Most views:
Free Rice for a Better Vocabulary
Family Giving

Felt the best:
Anonymous Love Letters
Smile, You’re On Candid Camera
Having Just Enough
Parking Space Karma
The New Normal

Most emotional:
If I Knew Then What I Know Now
Supporting Firefighters
An Angel Among Us
Blame Someone Else
A Gift of Sharing
Train of Memories
If I Were in Charge of the World
March Madness to March Gladness
Everybody’s Got a Story
Let Them Drink Coffee

Most comments:
Pantyhose Won
Free Ride

Real Life:
Distilling the Truth
Grumpy Gratitude
Don’t Let a Thief Steal Your Passion
The Job Candidate Said, What?!!!
Demon of Cancer

Most quizzical:
Human Goodness Wins
Watching a Movie in Person

Most Difficult: 

Biggest Surprise:
Comfort in Chaos

Help from Friends:
Girls Gone Wiles

This past week in my blog I quoted
eighty-seven year old Rose. She said, “In one year, I will be one year older whether I go to bed for a year or not.”
I chose to make this past year one that I will always remember.
Colin Powell said it best, “Giving back involves a certain amount of giving up.” Thank you all for coming on the journey with me.                                                                   

In Giving,

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